December 22, 2015

Today we’re talking with Tony Valdez, author of Dax Harrison.

An excerpt from Dax Harrison:

   The hours passed as the Crichton continued on through hyperspace. The crew kept themselves busy as best they could, purposely either keeping their minds on or off what they were about to face.

Logan chose the former, checking her rifle multiple times over and pacing in the cargo bay until she caught herself in the act. After that, she resigned herself to the cockpit, watching the maps on the main con...

November 23, 2015


Hi Bryon! Let's start things off by telling us about your current project:


Children of the Forest (CotF) is a multi-part epic, set in a world blending Science-Fiction and Fantasy themes.


The story was partly inspired by the works of Hayao Miyazaki (of Studio Ghibli fame) and the writings of Frank Herbert (Dune) and Ursula Le Guin (The Last Unicorn). The novel focuses on the impact of man on his environment, and the catastrophic consequences that are born of the earth’s misuse. Unlike many other...

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