December 22, 2015

Today we’re talking with Tony Valdez, author of Dax Harrison.

An excerpt from Dax Harrison:

   The hours passed as the Crichton continued on through hyperspace. The crew kept themselves busy as best they could, purposely either keeping their minds on or off what they were about to face.

Logan chose the former, checking her rifle multiple times over and pacing in the cargo bay until she caught herself in the act. After that, she resigned herself to the cockpit, watching the maps on the main con...

October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! (Okay, it’s Mischief Night, but close enough.)

Since it’s the end of a very eventful month, I thought I’d post a recap of everything that’s been going on in recent weeks. Top 5 List, anyone?

1.   I finally broke that 50k mark I’ve been chasing for the last couple of months! Here’s an excerpt from the most recent scene:


Wyck looked in the mirror. The cut wasn’t too bad. The blood was already starting to dry at the edges. He took one finger and gingerly pressed against his chee...

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