Heavens Heard, Shadows Seen

"Laced with ancient magic, this book is both a whispered spell and a war cry of hope. A shining reminder of the power in finding one's voice and refusing to let it be silenced."

- Elayna Mae Darcy, author of Unraveling Light

Raw and relatable, C. Brennecke’s first foray into poetry mixes the mundane with the fantastical; intimate thoughts infused with celestial inspiration. Paired with surreal multi-exposure photo collages, each poem is selected and arranged to tell a story of growth gained through the ups and downs and in-betweens of love. Moments of sadness, moments of uncertainty, moments of hope, and moments of joy come together in Heavens Heard, Shadows Seen, ending with a call to action to reflect on your own darkness and find your own light.