Heavens Heard, Shadows Seen

"Laced with ancient magic, this book is both a whispered spell and a war cry of hope. A shining reminder of the power in finding one's voice and refusing to let it be silenced."

- Elayna Mae Darcy, author of Unraveling Light

Raw and relatable, C. Brennecke’s first foray into poetry mixes the mundane with the fantastical; intimate thoughts infused with celestial inspiration. Paired with surreal multi-exposure photo collages, each poem is selected and arranged to tell a story of growth gained through the ups and downs and in-betweens of love. Moments of sadness, moments of uncertainty, moments of hope, and moments of joy come together in Heavens Heard, Shadows Seen, ending with a call to action to reflect on your own darkness and find your own light.



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Seven Shards: The Colors of Wine


"With an easy flow of dialog colored in shades of Now streaming through a setting tinged with Sometime Long Ago, Seven Shards lures you into its exotic world and promises a smart, quick-paced adventure."

- S.T. Ranscht and Robert P. Beus


DEATH, LOVE, AND REVOLUTION. Enter the empire of Rhydia, as heroes are born and fools die out.

When the king reinstates slavery, the people of the free countries must band together to overthrow his rule. But without a strong centralized military force, chaos breaks out across the land, forcing every last citizen to choose between hiding in fear or joining the fight.

The fate of the empire revolves around three reluctant heroes as they each come into their own. Grief sends Odessa on a vice-filled adventure, until she joins up with Alphonse, the cowardly leader of the enslaved Lygars, just as he’s learning how to fight. Together they help turn the tides at the heart of the revolution. Meanwhile, the once-carefree Wyck finds himself choosing between his own selfish desires and the fate of the crown.



New Fang Glory


"This is absolutely hilarious. It's a fun read for anyone, and I sincerely mean that as a compliment. It keeps the reader wanting to read more due to how quirky it is. Absolutely amazing."

- Ashley Brandt

New Fang Glory (previously named The Undead Pocket Guide) is a satirical handbook for newborn vampires — a thrival manual, if you will. It's currently a work in progress, but an excerpt can be read on Inkshares.