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Artist Spotlight: Davis Beam

Tell us about your current/upcoming projects:

I am currently working on my “Glass Ballet” Series, inspired by stunning vistas juxtaposed against the bold form in the moment. It’s my way of bringing together both the complex and the simple until they balance.

How did you create your own style?

My styles have sort of evolved out of cathartic realizations that often took years to actualize. Usually during periods of intense strain or stress I take a giant leap forward and find a new technique or style that I like and I start to run with it as my means of dealing with the stress from daily life which I have no control over.

“Usually during periods of intense strain or stress I take a giant leap forward”

What medium do you work with and why?

I work in acrylic, however I handle it more like oils which is unique.

Can you tell us about your creative process?

I surf the net and find source materials of interesting and bold images from various subjects and media. Then I decide on a combination that will work into a composition I can see in my mind. Once I lock in the influences I simply complete the work. Usually with no pre sketching. Maybe some light pencil outline for placement but usually I simply like to get right into the work. Lean on lean. Background and light colors first. Darks and foreground last.

When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist?

I can never remember a time when I simply wasn’t. Even since I was really young I’ve always had a weird and almost bizarrely detached view of the world. My interactions and work I think reflect that.

What other artists inspire you?

All of them. I respect them equally as well.

If budget and legalities were no issue, what would be your dream project?

An actualization of Captain Nemo’s undersea empire infused with my own love and design style of sharks.

Do you have any other creative outlets, besides creating art?

Some writing, some music, occasional sculpting, silly crafting, quirky fixing, voice acting, etc...

What is the craziest thing that happened while you were creating or selling your artwork?

Too many to list….. brain exploded upon reading…. tooo many things tooooo list!!!! AHHHH!!

“Art is a long game of service, pain, recovery, and self directed exploration”

Do you have any advice for aspiring artist out there?

Art is a long game of service, pain, recovery, and self directed exploration. Never rest on your last accomplishment and always have another project in the barrel ready to fire. Try to not to rely upon it as a means of financial support. Money warps the true creative process. Remove it from the equation. Serve your craft first. Learn in each piece. When it’s done, post it, and move on.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee mostly, but I can go either way as long as it’s in vast quantities and cold as the tundra.

You’re invited to your dream dinner party. It’s a party of four. Who else is there?

My Wife and daughter aside (Cause they are my first for everything of course), I’d say,..... maybe Walt Disney, Jim Henson, and Kurt Cobain? Oooh and maybe Bill Waterson if he ever comes out of hiding.

Name three non-essential items you would want to have on a deserted island:

Brush, paint, canvas.

​About Davis:

I was born in Philadelphia. Raised by books and movies. My imagination motivated by warm Summers, chilly Falls, cold Winters, and inspiring Springs. I live in my own world that just happens to exist parallel to this one. Look into my works and you can come visit!

Website: | Instagram and Snapchat: Davisbeam

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