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NaNoWriMo Diary: Week 2

Day 8:

Another great day in the chatroom. Tonight I tackled several scenes that the earlier chapters have been waiting on, which means that I’ll be able to polish up another round of chapters soon and give them the ever elusive “done” stamp. I also discovered some new subplots for the middle of the book, which is great because that’s where the story is the most sparse right now. All in all, a really productive night!

Word Count-wise, things are starting to get into a groove and it’s looking like I’ll be able to catch up to the pace line on the NaNoWriMo graph pretty soon.

Day 9:

Another Monday, but this one’s looking better than the last. I have a class to attend tonight, so I’ll have to squeeze the words in wherever I can.

Pro Tip: On days like this, it’s best to embrace your sneaky side and go into full spy mode while furiously scrawling in your notebook. I’m talking trench coat, tape recorder, sunglasses; the whole nine. There’s nothing like the thrill of knowing others suspect you are a spy, or reporter, or restaurant critic, etc. Even if it’s all in your head!

Day 10:

I’ve been listening to some lovely soundtracks on 8-tracks up until today (I recommend anything by fiertia, btw), but with some weird energy in the air (exhaustion??) I felt it was time to change things up. So, I opened up iTunes and clicked play on one of my old reliable Ska-punk playlists. It’s remarkable how listening to different music can change the tone of your voice when writing. If you ever have the chance to do some experimenting on your own, I highly recommend trying it out. For me the switch brought out some highly detailed and hopefully evocative descriptions of a colorful town that is downright bustling with charm. I can’t wait to fit it into a finished chapter and see what you think.

Day 11:

Still writing. Started some editing/polishing of chapters too.

Noteworthy: One of my chatroom friends crossed the 50k finish line in record time and I was there to witness it! Congratulations to laurynn!!! You are amazing!

Day 12:

I was sick on Day 12 (went to the doctor and everything!) but somehow I still managed to write words. Just a reminder that anything’s possible!

Day 13:

It’s Friday the 13th y’all! Which, as far as I’m concerned, is just like any other Friday but with a tiny extra pinch of pizazz. Which reminds me, there was free pizza today at work! (I shouldn't need to tell you just how awesome of a thing that is. You know. Leo knows. We all know.)

Day 14:

Another fun night spent writing with the chat room. I really can’t recommend it enough. Things are a little slow going because I’m battling off a sinus infection, but the important thing is that they are going!

Week 2 Word Count: 15918

Week 2 Mood: Silly buried under a pile of exhaustion

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