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NaNoWriMo Diary: Week 3

Let’s just skip this week, okay?

No? Well let’s just say that my sinus infection reached critical mass at the same time that my creativity stores reached critical lows. Week 3 was a STRUGGLE, folks. Let’s take a look at the wagons and see which ones I fell off of and which I managed to stay on.

Word Count Wagon: Fell

Daily Writing Wagon: Stayed...mostly

Brain Yoga Wagon: Fell during Week 1 (did I fail to mention that? oops!)

Sleep Wagon: Hanging on by a thread

But fear not. For every wagon I fell off, a new wagon has been secured. I have collected my amazing and glorious beta readers to kick things off beta-reader-style in December. And I’ve been prepping/finishing/editing the first chunk of chapters for them to beta read too, of course. And you know what? I’m getting SUPER super excited about it! So far I’ve been holding back certain key chapters and plot points for my eyes only, and getting ready for their first big reveal is exhilarating. I can’t wait to learn what they think. Things are getting real!

Week 3 Word Count: 18625

Week 3 Mood: Too tired to mood. Zombie brain is all-consuming.

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