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Read This! 4 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books You Should Have Read By Now

(Read This! is a new blog series featuring book recommendations. Contributor Nikki Krueger kicks things off.)

1. Illuminae, by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

This was my favorite book of 2015. The sci-fi story is a work of art. When a character walks through space, the text bounces across the page with them. Look at this battle scene!

The story will keep you guessing and gasping until the last page. Flip through the book at your local bookstore and TRY not to buy it. I dare you.

2. Vicious, by V.E. Schwab

I LOVE a good villain origin story, and Vicious is my favorite. Victor and Eli have an excellent Magneto / Professor X vibe going as they test the limits of their minds, bodies, and morals in the hunt to attain extraordinary powers through near-death experiences.

3. When We Wake, by Karen Healey

16 year-old activist Tegan Oglietti is cryonically frozen without consent and woken up 100 years later. This book is the perfect blend of politics and adventure. I recommend the audiobook because the narrator, Leslie Bellair, has a lovely Australian accent.

4. Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline

WHAT? You haven’t read this yet? Give me your nerd card back, we’re kicking you out of the club.

But seriously, you still have time to check out this gamer / 80’s nostalgia trip before the movie comes out in 2017. Wil Wheaton reads the audiobook, how perfect is that?

About Nikki Krueger

Nikki Krueger is a book addict and cheese enthusiast with a master's degree in publishing. She is almost always listening to an audiobok, so she will probably jump out of her skin if you tap her on the shoulder. Nikki enjoys baking, crochet, and freaking people out with tarot card readings.

Follow her on Twitter @Nik_Lit.

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