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A 2021 Reflection

(and 2022 Resolutions)

I think we can all attest at this point, that the longer strangeness continues, the more normal it becomes. The phrase “new normal” was truly embodied by 2021, and for me, on the micro level, that was an exciting thing. While it wasn’t without its bumps or losses, for the most part this year was really about settling into my current life chapter and starting to flourish—and that culminated with the publication of my first book, Heavens Heard, Shadows Seen. I don’t think it could have come out at a more perfect time, being that at its heart, the collection is about assessing your situation, and making and embracing change—something most of us can relate to well at this point. In addition to making my author debut, things have also been starting to thrive on the art front, though I admit I have been slacking when it comes to taking the formal (aka print-worthy) photographs of my most recent pieces. Let’s call that New Year’s Resolution number one.

Before continuing on with more resolutions, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone that has been a source of inspiration or support. It can be hard for us creative types to keep creating, or to step into the spotlight with our creations, especially when so many things in the world have become a source of great stress. But, thankfully, it becomes easier when seeing others take creative leaps or speaking/living their truth, or when receiving encouragement or positive feedback; all of it helps so much. I’ve been especially moved by those who have shared their personal stories with me after reading Heavens Heard, Shadows Seen. It means so much to know that it was relatable to so many of you in ways that I had never even imagined. And that absolutely makes me want to share more. Which brings us to resolution number two…

Next year I will release a second poetry collection! I haven’t decided on its name yet, but I can tell you that it’s already very close to being complete. I plan to spend the summer on the artwork, so that I can publish it at or around the publication anniversary of its predecessor. And I’m pretty sure that at least one other previously back-burnered project will find its way to publication next year too. Mum's the word on the specifics, so for now, all you’re getting is this little ambiguous tease.

As for New Year’s Resolution number three? I’d like to start selling artwork and books in the physical realm. Whether it be at a craft fair, on the walls of a coffee shop, in a local bookstore—one way or another, with or without a mask, it’s time to reach a new audience in this new state I moved to right before lockdown. I’m sure it will take some flexibility and perseverance, but I’m up to the task.

So what about you? Do you have any 2021 reflections or 2022 resolutions? Any accomplishments or memories you’d like to share?


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